Customer & Competitive Intelligence

Enter new customer and capability markets with confidence. Arm your executives. business developers, capture managers, and proposal writers with information on your market, customer, and competitors:

  • What is the size of your capability and customer market?

  • Which Federal agencies buy what you sell?

  • How do customers buy your products and services?

  • Who is your competition?

  • What makes your competitor so successful? 

  • What are your competitors market weaknesses?


Business Development Training

Institutionalize business development by training yourself and your team to use free, online, publicly available tools and resources to increase market and opportunity intelligence. 

  • Integrate the use of public data in the business development lifecycle

  • Learn effective search methodologies using tools like,, and the Federal Procurement Data System

  • Confidently use historical contract data to forecast opportunities, identify incumbents, and forecast acquisition methods

  • Train business development staff at multiple levels of experience to apply best practices, tools, and techniques


Pipeline Build and Maintenance

How do you know you’ll meet your revenue goals? You create a structured plan of qualified, actionable opportunities and usher them through the business development lifecycle. We help identify and qualify opportunities and analyze information needed to increase your probability of win using YOUR qualification criteria and bid strategies.

We’ll tell you:

  • Incumbent contractor, contract value, and contract expiration date

  • Points of contact

  • Opportunity strengths and weaknesses


Business Development Lifecycle Coaching

Bring this knowledge in-house and create structures and accountabilities to meet organizational and individual professional goals. Coaching across the business development lifecycle provides organizations and individuals with the structures and accountability to: 

  • Empower business development staff at multiple levels of experience to apply best practices, tools, and techniques

  • Define personal or organizational growth goals and metrics

  • Identify new actions to move individuals, teams, and opportunities to ever-increasing levels of performance and effectiveness


Business Development Process Audit & Improvement

Bid intelligently and lower your bid and proposal costs. Let’s talk about what works, what doesn’t work, and best practices as applied to the business development process. Create, define, document, and refine multi-year business development strategies based on market data and intelligence. Consider:

  • Is your pipeline large enough to support your revenue goals?

  • What strategies work best for individual business lines?

  • How will we leverage past performance and sustain that experience long term?

  • What are the specific, measurable criteria we’ll use to qualify opportunities in the pipeline?