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Featured insights on steps you can take to find and win government contracts for businesses new to federal contracting.

1. Check out our podcast!


Featuring Nicole Tripodi, FEDinform™ CEO, and co-hosts Aubrey Gainfort, contracting specialist at TSA and Morgan Tapp, attorney at Fox Rothschild LLP. Using each of our unique perspectives, we aim to “close the communication and knowledge gap for small businesses in GovCon”

Breaking the standard: closing the communication and knowledge gap for small businesses in GovCon

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2. Register in Sam.gov to start finding opportunities.

start finding opportunities.

Registering in sam.gov is required to win Government contracts, so might as well get that set up right away! You’ll also learn compliance requirements and will be able to search and view solicitations and opportunities. Registration in sam.gov is free and easy.

3. Download our pipeline template to keep track of federal contracting opportunities!


The way this works is that each line represents one opportunity.


Each opportunity begins at the "identified" stage and moves to "qualified" once you have obtained the information in each column.


You can expand the first row (which is currently hidden) for an explanation of the information needed to complete the column correctly.


As you fill in opportunities of interest, you will be able to implement the dashboard feature which will visualize your data using pivot tables.

*Please note the Dashboard tab is defaulted to "hidden," as it isn't useful until you add opportunities to your pipeline. To unhide the Dashboard, simply right-click the tab in the bottom left corner of your screen and select "Unhide."*
This document is 100% customizable. Feel free to add or remove columns to make it work for you. Happy opportunity hunting!

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