The course guides participants to understand, search, analyze, and apply Federal market data to support Business Development Functions. The course consists of 16 videos ranging from 5 to 30 minutes covering research in FPDS and / 


Participants receive:


  • A live coach ensures that training objectives are met within your timeframe

  •  Unlimited email messaging and phone calls with your coach to enhance learning and understanding

  • Assignments specific to your research questions so that your outcome is directly related to a need you have now 



  • Increase your professional VALUE with your ability to research Federal data without the additional cost of third-part market research tools
  • Be able to INDEPENDENTLY EVALUATE information provided by third-party market research tools and/or the rumor mill
  • Be able to FORECAST opportunities and get ahead of the competition
  • Access information to contracts that are not tracked by third-party market research tools, including direct-source contracts
  • Understand how to MAXIMIZE the availability of Federal data to WIN MORE BUSINESS

Self Paced Online Course: Using FPDS Data for Market Research