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Grow your pipeline build and maintenance

Grow pipeline build and maintenance

How do you know you’ll meet your revenue goals? You create a structured plan of qualified, actionable opportunities and usher them through the business development lifecycle. We help identify and qualify opportunities and analyze information needed to increase your probability of win using your qualification criteria and bid strategies.

We’ll tell you:


Incumbent contractor, contract value, and contract expiration date


Points of contact


Opportunity strengths and weaknesses

Featured insights on steps you can take to expand your business

1. Check out our podcast!

Check out our podcast!

featuring Nicole Tripodi, FEDinform CEO, and co-hosts Aubrey Gainfort, Contracting Specialist at TSA and Morgan Tapp, Attorney at Fox Rothschild LLP. Using each of our unique perspectives, we aim to “Close the Communication and Knowledge Gap for Small Businesses in GovCon”

We’ll tell you: “Closing the communication and knowledge gap for small businesses in GovCon”

Listen to Breaking the Standard on Apple Podcasts or on Spotify:

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2. If you don’t have a CRM in place we encourage you to go to our Federal Contracting Newbie page and Download our Pipeline Template to keep track of Federal Contracting opportunities!

3. Download our tools and resource sheet - Even seasoned contractors learn something new from our “Tools and Resources” sheet to discover new ways to identify opportunities.

Take the mystery out
of using FPDS data
with our online coaching

Featuring powerful and effective tools and techniques used by business development professionals and sharing them through crystal clear demos
and unique, real-world case studies. In person and online classes offered.

Interested in our services?

FEDinform™ can:


Facilitate sales training and coaching, including FPDS, for individuals and teams


Business Development Lifecycle Coaching


Business Development Process Audit & Improvement

We offer a range of services from contractors new to the federal government space, to seasoned GovCon looking to expand. Contact Us to learn more.

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